Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nuts and Bolts

For years I made widgets
And I made them up right
With a nut and a bolt
And bound them up tight

To be strong and be fast
To stay straight and true
To be best and to last
To do what they do

A widget must be bound
With a nut and a bolt
To hold it together
Long after it’s sold

Til one day I was told
As if matter of fact
You don’t need nut and bolt
To keep them intact

You see, it’s not fair
So how dare you say
A widget must be bound
In a particular way

A bolt with a bolt
Will work just as fine
Or a nut with a nut
Could keep them in line

But how can that work
With such a radical change
A bolt with a bolt
That seems a bit strange

Nor can two nuts be tied
In a natural connection
The widget will be flawed
By such imperfection

Two fasteners alike
Can’t mechanically connect
But to say so out loud
Is not politically correct

They can’t form a bond
Don’t you understand?
“Do it!” said the judge
“It’s the new law of the land”

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