Sunday, October 13, 2002

Our local Catholic newspaper carried an article critical of the Democratic National Committee web page for carrying links to anti-catholic websites. The CNS story says the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has asked the DNC to remove Catholics for a Free Choice from their list of �Catholic� site links. Apparently, that link was the only link provided under the �Catholic� heading until the DNC was criticized in a syndicated column.

Checking the DNC site today, I found five sites listed under the �Catholic� heading. Using the Peter's Net Catholic webpage rating, I didn�t find any of them listed with �green lights�, which would indicate fidelity to the Catholic Faith. The Democratic platform seems to be completely out of step with Catholic teaching. I would think the pro-choice stance alone would be enough to prevent any Catholic from voting Democratic, at least on the national level. This is a very important election with the balance of power so closely contested.

The Democrats have done everything in their power to block President Bush�s conservative appointments of Federal Judges. Good God-fearing judicial candidates have been denied even a vote because of their anti-abortion views. This election offers us a wonderful opportunity to make huge strides toward respect for life if we can get a Republican majority in Congress.

Ironically, many Church leaders seem to be more vocal on stances favoring the Democratic Party position. Last week�s Diocesan paper stated that �Church leaders� are condemning the proposed unilateral strike on Iraq. The Catechism of the Catholic Church acknowledges the necessity of a �just war� under certain conditions that make it morally legitimate. One of the determining elements is whether all other means of putting an end to the damage being inflicted by the aggressor, have shown to be impractical or ineffective. Certainly that would seem to be the case here. While I respect the bishops� responsibility to speak out on moral issues, they are not necessarily privy to sufficient information to determine whether war with Iraq is a �just war�. It should also be noted that the bishops quoted in the article were not American.

In the days of strong labor unions and social reform, Catholics were often aligned with the Democratic party. Liberal ideology has now led the party into an area of moral sterility where orthodox Catholics find themselves completely alienated. I don�t see how a good Catholic can cast a vote for a pro-choice candidate. I also cringe when I hear someone proclaim to be a Catholic and pro-choice. In my view, a Catholic is someone baptized into the Faith who accepts the God-given authority of the Church and tries to live life in accordance with her teachings. In my view, Ted Kennedy, Phil Donahue, and Madonna ain�t Catholic.

Of course, one can argue that not all Republican posture is Catholic-friendly either. Being hawkish on war or favoring capital punishment can be at odds with Church teaching, but for the most part, Catholics will find themselves on higher ground morally with the GOP. Vote for Life!

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