Sunday, October 20, 2002

Knightmare on Elm Street

And speaking of the Democratic Party being in opposition to the Catholic Church when it comes to abortion, I am confounded by people who call themselves Catholic and yet support pro-choice candidates. Today, I passed the homes of three different members of our church, all Catholics, and all active members of the Knights of Columbus. All three had campaign signs in their front lawns supporting the Democratic pro-choice candidate for Congress. The Republican opponent is clearly Pro-life.

Yes, I know there are many issues in question besides abortion, but I can think of no issue more indicative of a person�s moral character. All three of these Catholics are Democrats and apparently pledge allegiance to all Democratic candidates regardless of their beliefs.

The congressional balance of power is at stake in this election. Anytime President Bush nominates a pro-life Federal Judge, the Democrats block the nomination. With this particular congressional district race too close to call, each vote for a pro-life candidate could conceivably (no pun intended) protect unborn children. Tipping the scales to the conservative side may result in a rebirth of morality in our nation during the next four years.

The Knights of Columbus webpage makes the following declaration: �In accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus defend human life from the moment of conception until natural death.� It�s a fundamental principle of membership in the Knights. How do these three guys reconcile their �Knighthood� with their personal actions? More importantly, how can they make their Profession of Faith each Sunday? What hypocrisy!

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